Are you looking for a structural engineer who is responsive, easy-to-work-with, and can turn around the report within 48 hours?

Look no further!

We specialize in helping Realtors schedule and get a well-qualified, licensed, professional structural
engineer on-site to identify the structural issue that has arisen. WeBob then walk through you and your client with how the issue can resolved and what repairs are needed. We do all of this is plain English, easy-to-understand language so that everyone is on the same page.

Our pricing is typically a flat fee charge for the site visit for a house. Within a half-hour radius of downtown Pittsburgh, the fee for the site visit and written report turned around within 48 hours is $795. Additional charges apply for houses outside of that radius and for commercial buildings. If a written report signed and sealed by a licensed engineer is not required, then the price reduces to $500.

We also perform structural foundation certifications for mobile homes required by HUD financing. Pricing for these inspections of depends upon the location of the mobile home.

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