We offer innovative yet common sense engineering solutions across a variety of building types. We are flexible with our ideas, and open to discussion on how to make a better project for the Owner, Contractor and End User building occupants. We provide structural inspections for commercial office, apartment, condominium, warehouse and industrial buildings, as well as residential dwellings.

Commercial Building Structural Inspections and Reports

Whether you are looking to purchase a new building to add to your portfolio, or have a specific structural concern with an existing building, we have the specific skill sets, depth of knowledge, and right personnel to evaluate the building’s structure, provide observations and repair recommendations in a timely, written report.


Commercial Building Facade and Building Envelope Assessments

We’ve performed hundreds of façade assessments and inspections, and we are here to help you maintain your building’s façade in order to remain watertight. Maybe you’ve had a notice sent from the City of Pittsburgh to satisfy the five-year façade inspection requirement of International Property Maintenance Code Section 304.1.1. The City Council amended the code for façades to be inspected every five years.


Commercial Building Facade and Building Envelope Repair and Construction Management

Once the façade assessment is complete, many times some level of façade repairs are required if the building façade was not previously under an ongoing maintenance program. We can provide design services for the façade repairs, coordination with submitting the repair documents to the city for permit, coordination with bidding the work to façade repair contractors, evaluation of the repair bids, and coordination and project management of the façade repair program. Whether you are a hand-on owner with your own project management team, or would like to be as hands-off as possible, we can tailor our level of service to your needs.


Parking Garage Facility Assessments

Do you have a parking facility which you are looking to purchase, have recently purchased, or have owned for some time without any significant maintenance program undertaken? If so, we can help. We can assess the parking garage and provide a written report which details any deficiencies and associated repairs required. Our report includes a budget estimate so that you can plan ahead and forecast for maintenance repairs over the next year, 5-year or 10-year timeframe.


Parking Garage Repair Design and Construction Management

Similar to the façade repair program, we can provide a completely hands-off owner’s representative experience where we take care of nearly everything, or we can serve as the technical representative and let your team handle the project management. The choice is yours.


Fire Escape Structural Inspections

  • Have you received a notice from the City of Pittsburgh, or another government jurisdiction, requiring an inspection of your exterior fire escape structure? We are provide prompt site visits to perform the assessment of the fire escape structure. A written report with any required repair recommendations is provided which can then be submitted to the local building code official.


Residential Structural Inspections and Reports

  • Do you have a structural concern with your residential dwelling? We provide site assessments of the specific structural concern, and can turn around the written report within 48 hours of the site visit.



Reliable Structural Engineers LLC is comprised of high expertise structural engineers who focus on common-sense solutions for small and large projects while simultaneously delivering Ritz Carlton level customer service to our clients. Since 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of clients with various projects. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your structural engineering needs.


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